Young Investors Drive Crowdfunding Trends

15 April 2024

Ever wished you could be part of something bigger? Fund a cool new tech product or a project that really makes a difference? That's the magic of crowdfunding!

This exciting way of raising money is changing, and guess who's leading the charge? Yep, you guessed it – young investors like you and me! A recent study by Ignatius Novianto Hariwibowo “Crowdfunding from the perspective of young people” dug into what makes crowdfunding platforms tick for young people, and guess what? It turns out it's not all about the money.


So, what are young people looking for?

First off, we're all about tech. We want platforms that are easy to use, smooth as butter, and let us browse investments and invest with zero hassle. Imagine swiping through apps, but for the purpose of funding great ideas!

But it's not just about the looks. We, and really everyone, want to know our money is safe and going to good use. Transparency is key! Platforms that are open and honest (these includes CrowdedHero) about how things work and where the money goes build trust with everyone, young and old. This includes the necessity of keeping everything lawful and transparent, to avoid the unfortunate reality of scams, which no one prefers.

Now, let's talk returns. What's not to love about earning money for a cool cause? Young investors often have less to invest, so the potential for high returns is especially attractive. This doesn’t mean we are rash! Platforms that provide clear explanations of both the opportunities and the risks involved are the real victors.


So, what does this mean for crowdfunding platforms?

Well, here's a sneak peek:

  • Get technical! Make your platform easy to use for everyone, not just techies.

  • Be Honest! Transparency is your best friend. Build trust by showing how you protect investor information and use the funds.

  • Show the Money (and Impact)! Clearly explain the potential returns and the positive changes projects can create. Attract both young risk-takers and experienced investors seeking meaningful opportunities.


By recognizing the preferences of different age groups, crowdfunding platforms can increase their inclusivity and appeal. This strategy will not only draw more users but also tap into crowdfunding’s real potential to inspire innovation and make a global impact, project by project! Have you ever imagined joining a larger movement? Invest in a groundbreaking tech product or a meaningful project? Experience the magic of crowdfunding!

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