Fee structure for Investors
Transparency and the win-win principle are the fundamentals on which CrowdedHero’s fee structure is built.
The minimum amount to be invested
€ 100
(variable per project)
Price List:
Registration on the Platform
free of charge

Processing fee * (to cover administration and processing fee)
1.25% of the amount invested per a project
Performance based win-win price list:
1.Win-win fee — capital gains fee
chargeable starting from the second year after the date of closure of the investment campaign for a Project
5.5% calculated from the return on investment (in case it occurs) and disbursed to an Investor from the Project Owner by means of dividends

2.Win-win exit fee (charged in the case of a successful exit)
9% based on the net profit from the investment
*the processing fee will be returned if the Non-Sophisticated Investor revokes his/her/their offer to invest in an expression of interest in the Crowdfunding Offer during the pre-contractual reflection period.

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