Let’s upgrade equity crowdfunding
Crowdfunding platforms in Latvia have gained a lot of interest from both entrepreneurs and investors. If crowdfunding is a hot topic for you too, CrowdedHero is the right choice. With us, you can both raise capital for your promising business idea and make investments in companies that stand out with significant potential for growth!
Investor's interest protection
VC-level vetted companies
Dividend distribution
Incubator-proof startups
Growth markets
Clear exit strategies
Mature companies vs startups
While you can find bright and promising early-stage startups and companies among our Heroes to invest in, these are primarily the established companies that we focus on. Previously, this type of highly vetted and actively managed equity investment with clear exit strategies was only available to VCs and large investors. Today, through this equity investment platform, we make it accessible to everyone.
Which Hero do you choose to back?
Crowdfunding enables companies to raise capital for the growth of the company or the realization of an idea with the help of an investment platform. Projects available on the CrowdedHero crowdfunding platform:
Crowdfunding, also known as collective investment, is one of the ways to attract financial resources for the company's capital with the help of a large number of investors. For this purpose, crowdfunding platforms are created, which help establish a connection between investors and project owners.

How it works

Register and verify your account. Pass the knowledge test and submit KYC information and documents.
Learn about the risks, choose an investment project, invest in crowdfunding, become a shareholder.
Stay connected with the lead management of your chosen company, follow their news and performance. Receive regular dividends and wait for the big exit day when the company is sold — then receive the profits from the sale of your shares.

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What do industry experts say about us?

I have worked with CrowdedHero CEO Janis Blaževičs for a couple of years in the financial services sector. I can confirm that Janis is an honest and straightforward person, always on time, with the utmost respect for his clients — the highest class of professional. I strongly believe that CrowdedHero will succeed and deliver highly profitable investment opportunities to its investors. I will refer technology companies to CrowdedHero for attracting working capital via equity selling.
Sayed Amir Karim
Karim Investment Holdings
Investor, IT and technology expertise partner
I can personally recommend Raimonds Blumbergs, the CMO of CrowdedHero. He is a passionate Fintech enthusiast, a friendly and open-minded person. Raimonds will find the right approach and solutions for the most sophisticated investors. His defining characteristics include an honest business culture, a sense of humor and great ideas generation. I will also invest via CrowdedHero and will suggest this platform to my friends and clients.
Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola
Astorts group
Entrepreneur, Fintech Specialist, Investor
I have been following CrowdedHero platform development for the last year and I am familiar with the founders. I find their expertise and experience rich enough to successfully maintain the CrowdedHero platform. I truly believe that the process will be analyzed properly to deliver safe and high-potential equity investment opportunities to investors.
Paulo Cerqueira
Investor, Property expertise partner
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