Access both pros and crowd power

With CrowdedHero, we can give you access to both professional and mature investors seeking direct investments and those who are only starting to form their investment portfolio, bringing in the power of the crowd.

Get support at every step

Once you are through our vast selection process, our expert support team will help you with your pitch, marketing and legal issues. Moreover, the CrowdedHero platform will become your ‘must-have’ tool to communicate with investors, get stats and updates, as well as organize reporting for more efficient governance.

Direct and indirect investments

While larger investors seek direct participation in the company they invest in, smaller ones become consolidated through an SPV with an appointed trustee. This is a great model to effectively deal with any type of strategic action — board decisions, meetings or an exit.

Equity or debt financing

Depending on your business needs, CrowdedHero can provide investments that will be recorded in the balance sheet as equity, or a business loan. When we know your business goals better, we can better understand what works for you.

Transparency at the core

We build our relationship based on transparency and work closely with companies to foster their success. Our terms and cost structure provide the same clarity for companies seeking investment.

Brand recognition

Thanks to CrowdedHero’s network of international investors, your brand will be recognised across the EU. In addition to the added marketing value of using a CrowdedHero platform, brands will also be able to obtain market feedback and validation. It can be particularly useful during the new product launching stage.
Apply today if
Your company is registered and operating in the EU and EEA
Your company has a minimum of three years of operating history
You can demonstrate transparent corporate structure and professional management
Your company has positive cash flow and is ready to submit a PNL statement and Balance sheet
You have the ability to distribute a minimum of 50% of net profit in dividends
You have a clear investment plan
You are aiming at offering the equity ticket size of €100,000
You have developed a professional business plan
Fundraising for Heroes made simple
Your company is fundraising? CrowdedHero is the right choice in such a case - we will help you attract the necessary funding quickly, easily and on favorable terms!
We hear you — you need cost-efficient funding and asap! Don’t worry — it only takes days for the evaluation process to result in a decision. The length of your online campaign will entirely depend on your goals. Here’s how it works.
Apply and go through the evaluation process
Once we receive your application, our expert team will contact you to get to know your business and better understand your goals.

Congrats, you’ve been selected!
It’s time to start intensive preparation for your video pitch and fundraising campaign. Good news — you have the whole CrowdedHero team at your service. Either independently or working through our partners, we will help you create a compelling pitch for investors.

Online campaign
Your fundraising campaign only starts with the launch. During these exciting campaign days, you will be actively promoting it in social media and communicating with potential investors via the CrowdedHero platform. You will be regularly receiving valuable tips from our PR expert.

Finish line
You campaign was successful — get ready to receive funds, close investment agreements and welcome new shareholders! Meanwhile, the investment funds are consolidated in the account of a newly established SPV.

Receive the funds
Your funding will be transferred to you in a single payment either through an SPV made specifically for your project or directly by a larger investors.

Report back
Keeping all your investors informed will be easy — a CrowdedHero personal manager representing ‘the crowd’ of investors will be keeping tabs on the company’s activities and informing everyone about what’s new.

From where do you launch?

Whether you are a startup or a mature company, we can’t wait to hear your story, get a deep understanding of your needs and help you get your idea out there.

Start-up stage

  • Your company is at the very beginning of its journey in developing or testing your product
  • Your product is ready for the broader market launch
  • You have exhausted your closest circle’s financial support and are looking for additional investment
  • You have a clear plan on how to distinguish yourself in the market

Early stage

  • Your product is officially launched
  • You are working to expand your sales channels and customer base, focusing on reaching breakeven point
  • You want to accelerate your growth and have a clear vision of how to become a champion

Mature stage

  • You company’s product is well-known
  • Your cash flow may be positive
  • You aspire to expand to new markets or diverge your product line
  • You are seeking liquidity to prepare for an IPO or other strategic transactions


FAQ for companies

In general, investment attraction for the company takes place in four stages:

  • The first step towards attracting investment is filling out an application. This can be done by clicking on the Apply button at the top of the section of this website and specifying the necessary information about the company and investment campaign goals, as well as your contact information;
  • Once we have received and examined the application, we invite the company's management to an interview. During it, using our experience, we will evaluate the most important financial criteria, such as the possibility for investors to receive dividends and the probability that a complete sale of the company's shares will take place;
  • After the interview, an in-depth legal and financial analysis will be carried out, attracting experts of the specific industry who will be able to objectively assess the prospects of the business idea;
  • At the final stage, CrowdedHero's investment committee will vote for the admission of your company to the platform.

The duration of the evaluation of the application is five days, while the duration of the financial and legal analysis depends on the quality and volume of the information you submit. In general, the process will not take more than 20 days.

Does your company also need to attract investors? CrowdedHero offers a fast, profitable and professional way to raise capital - fill out the application and we will contact you shortly!

Fundrasing is available for start-ups regardless of the industry they operate in. The main condition is that CrowdedHero does not support high-risk business ideas. Companies not only from the Baltic States, but also companies registered in the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) can submit an application to receive investments.

It is essential that the company has a business plan in place, which indicates how the investments raised will help to double its value within five years. The company must be open to pay out no less than 50% of the net profit in dividends, as well as be ready to sell the company completely in the future.

There are many ways to raise capital. Here are some of the aspects that make investors attraction on the CrowdedHero platform stand out:

  • Very fast and convenient application, as well as simplified all other processes;
  • The possibility of obtaining both crowd investments and investments from professional investors;
  • Various types of support from our expert team;
  • Transparent conditions in every aspect;
  • Additional visibility and contacts.

CrowdedHero is an international platform, so you can expect that your business idea will be seen by investors not only from Latvia, but also from many other countries.


At CrowdedHero, we understand that funding is vital for young entrepreneurs to start or continue a business, so we offer our clients to invest not only in established companies, but also in new companies that have only recently started their journey in the business world. So we make sure that:

  • support is received by companies that, very likely, would not have received it otherwise;
  • projects that are currently unknown, but very likely will bring significant profit in the long term (although the fact should be taken into account that the chances of losing the invested funds are also quite high, so you should not rely on this aspect);
  • an innovative product or service that has not been found in the market before is likely to enter the market.

These are some of the most important, but by no means the only, reasons why support for start-ups is so important.

A crowdfunding campaign can take from 30 to 45 days. The project owner should provide detailed information about his company, team, products or services, market, scalability options and investment plan. All information is gathered together to develop a sales pitch which is then published on the platform. CrowdedHero makes every effort to attract investors, support fund collection and complete the share registration process.

Equity offer depends on your company’s pre-money evaluation, new share issuance and a share premium. Companies issuing new shares should keep in mind their investment plan. For example, if a company issues 10% of new shares, and the pre-money evaluation is EUR 1.8 million, you could offer 10% of your equity for EUR 200 000 (post-money valuation is EUR 2 million).

The preliminary review takes 5 days. Due Diligence procedure is directly up to the speed and quality of presented documents and information by the project owner. The full process should not take longer than 20 days.

A pool of investors will be represented by a lead investor. The lead investor is brought into the project owners’ company supervisory board. Day-to-day operations are up to the company’s management, but all major business decisions are made during board meetings where the lead investor takes part and represents the investor pool’s interests and rights.

We focus of growth companies that have a clear investment plan. You should have a well-developed plan of how attracted capital will help to double company value in the next 5 years. Shareholders should be openminded about a company exit. You should be ready to distribute at least 50% of net profit in the form of the dividends.

Company should be ready to provide the following:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (CGS) or similar
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to the official state company house register
  • Full KYC on each shareholder and board member
  • Corporate structure description and full corporate document package
  • Audited balance sheets for the 3 previous years
  • Cashflow statement, income statement, general ledger and management accounts

We believe that all businesses are unique and have the potential to provide our investors with profitable investments, so we do not focus on any specific industry. However, we do not onboard or tobacco production companies, or any high-risk businesses.


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