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Growing Markets
Benefit from investing in companies operating in growing markets. Among our Heroes, you’ll find companies from the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.
Opportunity to receive dividends
When you invest in established companies with a foreseeable cash flow, you can rely on receiving dividends in addition to the capitalization of your shares. Read the terms for each project carefully.
Investments in mature businesses
Investment in established companies requires a keen eye to the future. What such a company can become in 3–5 years, when the exit is ideally to happen? Bringing this type of investment is our focus.
How it works
Register account
Click on the Sign-up button on the home page.
Fill in the form, go to your email and verify your e-mail address.
Submit KYC
All Investors should submit KYC information and documents.
All Investors should submit bank account verification document to receive dividends and capital gain in the future.
Investor classification
Proceed as Non-sophisticated Investor or
Submit Sophisticated Investor application form.
Pass the test and simulation
Non-sophisticated Investors have to pass a simple Knowledge Test and share their investing experience with stocks, equity and other financial instruments.
Non-sophisticated Investors must carefully study and accept the risk warning.
Non-sophisticated Investors should pass a simulation of the capability to bear financial losses.
Your Investor account will be verified as soon as possible.
Study Investment opportunities
Study Investment opportunities, weight investment risks.
Choose a project, press the Invest button and proceed to investing.
Make an Investment
Enter the number of shares you intend to purchase.
Study the Investment risks.
Read carefully the Subscription form, accept the Terms and Conditions.
Study and accept shareholders agreement, you will find it in the project documentation.
Proceed with payment
Choose your preferred payment method — via payment card (up to 5000 EUR) or bank wire transfer (up to 100 000 EUR).
Funds will be segregated on the project owner account until the crowdfunding campaign has been successfully closed.
If the campaign does not reach the funding goal, the payment will be returned to you.
All the funds will be accumulated on the payment account on behalf of the Project Owner. Funds will be transferred to the Project Owner’s corporate account only after the shares are registered in the name of the respective Investor. The Platform will not have any access to the Investors’ or Project Owner’s funds.
Become a shareholder
Each Investor will appear in the shareholders’ register.
Stay connected and receive profits
Stay connected with Project Owner company, follow the news and Company performance.
Receive regular dividends, and wait for the big day when the company will be sold - you will receive profit from the sale of shares.
Investment models
Indirect investment model (SPV)
The indirect investment model scenario :
1Carefully read shareholders’ agreement.
2Enter into a shareholders’ agreement with a special SPV-registered company, created to consolidate investments.
3Study carefully Key Investment Information Sheet.
4An SPV enters as a shareholder in the company you invested in.
5Each investor will appear in the SPV shareholders register.
6The SPV will distribute dividends and act as a representative during the exit.
Important: Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in a form of a Joint Stock Company - will pull together the crowd of investors and make an investment into the project owner’s company share capital, holding the legal title to shares on trust for you, according to the CrowdedHero investor terms and conditions (as described in the Key Investment Information Sheet for each project).
Direct investment model
The direct investment model scenario:
1Invest directly into Project Owner's company share capital
2Experienced Investor with significant investment amount will be appointed, to represent and protect all Investors rights and interests.
3Stay connected with Project Owner company management, follow the news and Company performance.
4When profit occurs, receive regular dividends, and wait for the "big day" when the company will be sold - you will receive profit from the sale of shares directly on your bank account.

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