Interview of CrowdedHero CEO Janis Blazevics to TodoCrowdlending

9 February 2024

More often than not, life for a crowd-investor feels like a big black box where you invest your money on one side hoping that will get your money back with some returns on the other side… A process that can be profitable sometimes, yes, but also a process that is usually filled with uncertainty and frustration, without a clear vision on where (i.e. exactly in which company) you put / invest your money and how and why that company has been chosen to appear in the crowdfunding platform to begin with…

Well, today in TodoCrowdlending we have with us Jānis Blaževičs, Founder and CEO of CrowdedHero, a platform where you know exactly where your money goes and how it is invested and where ‘true potential’ are not just mere words but are backed by solid numbers that justify the selection of each of the opportunities published… And precisely he is here today also to present a new opportunity in his marketplace: Simpleros, a Spanish company that -as Spaniards- we can visit their webpage and even apply for their services if we wish to…

Welcome to, Janis! First of all, for all our readers still not familiar with your platform, Janis, can you please briefly tell us what is CrowdedHero?

CrowdedHero is a distinctive equity crowdfunding platform that stands out for its commitment to transparency, offering investors a clear view of the projects based on unified KIIS principles. Our platform is designed to ensure that each investment is not just a transaction, but a well-informed decision. As we all know Alternative finance market in Europe is growing year to year and we are looking to be part of it with solid international team well prepared legal framework.

In fact, I love your slogan (displayed in the homepage) ‘Let’s upgrade equity crowdfunding’… how are you planning to do that?, what is your differential value proposal for us investors?

Our mission is to redefine equity crowdfunding by offering a diverse range of investment options, catering to various development stages of companies, from startups to established enterprises. We provide a spectrum of investment forms, from pure equity to structured fixed income products, ensuring that each investor can find opportunities that align with their risk appetite and investment goals.

Also a sentence used in the webpage that I think summarizes the key concept and essence of CrowdedHero is: ‘We link investors with exceptional companies demonstrating high growth potential’…how are these exceptional companies sourced and how do you assess this high potential?

CrowdedHero excels in connecting investors with exceptional companies by not only conducting in-depth analysis and vetting but also by engaging privately with our community. We tailor our offerings, providing targeted projects to lead investors, ensuring a personalized investment experience. This approach fosters a more intimate and aligned investment journey, ensuring that our investors are matched with opportunities that resonate with their investment philosophy and goals.

Before going into details about your new opportunity, Simpleros, thinking about reasons to trust and start investing with CrowdedHero, of course we can mention regulation, low entry point, secondary market… but above all, I would probably highlight your solid team of professionals being part or supporting the platform. As CrowdedHero CEO, Janis, how do you assemble and lead this team of individuals and how do they add value to the platform and the investors?

At CrowdedHero, leadership is how to use the team’s expertise in various sectors, where each member manages their role explicitly. On top of that is our established, experienced supervisory board with members from Portugal, Lithuania and Finland, having experience in legal, governmental and VC sectors, enhancing our brand’s authority and trustworthiness. Our advisor involvement in project management ensures that every decision is guided by insight and experience, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in serving our investors and supporting our partner companies.

OK, now let’s focus on the new opportunity in the marketplace, Simpleros, a fully automated and machine-learning based lending company in Spain… what can you tell us about the company, Janis?

Simpleros is a consumer lending company that leverages automation and machine learning to redefine the lending industry in Spain. Offering consumer loans up to €1000 within 15 minutes and a swift background check, Simpleros eliminates the need for paperwork and collateral. Led by an experienced management team, the company prioritizes transparency and security in its day-to-day operations. As a fully automated platform, Simpleros offers a distinctive value proposition for its customers, aligning with CrowdedHero’s commitment to funding innovative and growth-oriented projects that promise high-yield returns for investors.

Of course, for us Spaniards it is always great to have the chance to support a national company, but why is it based in Spain?, do we have a great market for lending companies in our country?

Spain’s dynamic market and supportive ecosystem for fintech innovations make it an ideal base for Simpleros. The company’s presence in Spain allows it to tap into a vibrant market, benefitting from the country’s fast-evolving economy and entrepreneurial culture.

What is the offer for the investors that decide to invest in Simpleros? I understand that this will be a debt security project instead of a regular equity crowdfunding, correct?

Yes, as a debt security project, it provides an alternative investment option with its own set of benefits and fixed returns, diversifying the investment portfolio of our clients. We are using the Vested shares agreement investment form to bring legally binding security for investors.

In your opinion and your own words, why shouldn’t we miss this opportunity as crowd-investors?

Simpleros represents a unique investment opportunity with transparent lead investors from the Latvian Business Angel Network. For Mr. Viktors Pedcenko this will be already 3rd investment to the company. Such indications are helping build trust with project owners. Ms.Santa Lemsa, CEO of Simpleros, uses an experience-based approach to lending and makes it a compelling opportunity for investors looking to be part of this venture and receive the benefits of predictable returns.

Anything else you would like to add or share with our community?

We invite the community to explore the opportunities presented by CrowdedHero. Our platform is more than just an investment avenue—it’s a gateway to becoming part of visionary projects. Our transparency and legal setup is made to minimize investment risks and maximize security for all investors.

Thanks for your time, Janis!



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