ITERcare: Pioneering Digital Healthcare Innovations in Portugal and Expanding to Brazil

11 June 2024

As MedTech continues to transform healthcare through digital solutions, crowdfunding has emerged as a pivotal tool in this evolution. ITERcare, a leader in digital healthcare based in Portugal, exemplifies this trend with its robust platform designed to streamline patient-provider interactions. Currently, ITERcare is extending its innovative services to Brazil, presenting an exciting opportunity for investors interested in the burgeoning fields of digital healthcare and MedTech.

Prominent Successful Campaigns in MedTech

The e-NABLE Community - 3D Printed Prosthetics
  • Target: $50,000
  • Achieved: Over $100,000
  • Impact: Funding from this campaign supported the production of cost-effective 3D printed prosthetics, showcasing the transformative potential of MedTech in making healthcare accessible globally.

Scanadu Scout - Medical Tricorder
  • Target: $100,000
  • Achieved: $1.6 million
  • Impact: The Scanadu Scout, inspired by science fiction, brought to life a device that reads vital signs in seconds, revolutionizing patient care through advanced MedTech.

Spotlight on upcoming ITERcare’s Investment Opportunity in Portugal and Brazil

ITERcare Lda stands at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution. With a solid base of over 400,000 client accounts and €6 million in transactions in Portugal, ITERcare is now poised to make significant inroads into Brazil's healthcare market.

  • Equity Offered: 4.00%
  • Pre-money Valuation: €4,775,000
  • Share Price: €100
  • Minimum Investment: €100
  • Current Funding: €25,000 raised, achieving 19.2% of the €130,000 minimum target, with a goal of €200,000.

This equity crowdfunding campaign invites you to be part of ITERcare's expansion into digital healthcare, utilizing an SPV for clear and efficient fund management.


ITERcare's Strategic Entry into the Brazilian Market

With its robust strategy for entering the Brazilian healthcare sector, ITERcare aims to capitalize on the substantial demand for digital healthcare solutions in the region. The scalability of ITERcare’s platform makes it ideally suited for adaptation across diverse global healthcare systems, especially in dynamic markets like Brazil.


Why Invest in ITERcare?

  • Market Opportunity: Aiming at a segment of the €600 billion global healthcare market, with a keen focus on Brazil.
  • Innovative Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge MedTech innovations such as AI, VR, blockchain, and NLP.
  • Proven Track Record: More than 1,000,000 bookings and teleconferences facilitated within just 15 months in Portugal.
  • Global Scalability: ITERcare’s platform is crafted for easy scaling, ensuring adaptability to the evolving needs of the international healthcare landscape.
  • ITERcare enhances patient care by simplifying the healthcare process, reducing costs, and ensuring data security—all central tenets of effective digital healthcare.

As the healthcare industry undergoes significant digital transformation, platforms like ITERcare are crucial for introducing efficiency and accessibility into the system. With its strong foundation in Portugal and strategic expansion plans for Brazil, ITERcare is uniquely positioned to lead in the MedTech revolution.

For more information or to get involved with ITERcare’s transformative digital healthcare initiative, please visit or contact [email protected].

Crowdfunding in the MedTech sector, exemplified by ITERcare, has proven its potential to support innovative solutions that significantly enhance healthcare delivery. As ITERcare expands its operations from Portugal into Brazil, it offers an attractive opportunity for investors to participate in the global growth of digital healthcare solutions.

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