Padure Manor Initiates Crowdfunding Campaign

3 July 2024

Throughout various periods, Latvia has housed more than 1800 different manors, many of which are still awaiting restoration. Padure Manor, which has adopted a novel approach in Latvia for its next phase of restoration, is among them. The owner, Jānis Lazdāns, in collaboration with the crowdfunding platform CrowdedHero, has launched an investment campaign, allowing everyone the opportunity to become a "co-landlord."

This initiative aims to restore and refurbish the manor to create a gourmet hotel and a venue for special events (such as weddings, corporate functions, etc.). The total restoration costs of the main house exceed one million euros, with a current goal of collecting 180,000 euros for the construction of water, sewage, electrical, and heating systems. This will enhance the comfort level, allowing the manor to be used more effectively during the colder months and will lay the foundation for further restoration.

“We offer the opportunity to find investors for various business visions—this project is a vivid example, as financial attraction is combined with community building. Anyone can become a co-landlord of the manor and enjoy numerous benefits by investing a relatively small amount of money. Additionally, together with our international level ambassadors and specialists, we conduct a thorough assessment of each project's growth potential. We see a long-term return on investment potential in this case as well,” notes CrowdedHero's manager, Jānis Blaževičs.

Jānis Lazdāns emphasizes that this project will help restore and preserve Latvian cultural heritage. All funds raised will be invested in improving and developing the manor's technical condition. Meanwhile, future development and renovation steps are already being planned to make it even more attractive to both local residents and foreign visitors.

“The manor has already become a pleasant place for visitors, gaining recognition for its unique exhibitions and inspiring atmosphere. It has also hosted the filming of the movie “Stay in the Castle,” which is popular among Latvians. Therefore, throughout the construction period, the manor will operate as usual. Investments in this site will increase the manor's value as a real estate and business asset, making it an interesting project not only for our community but also for professional investors. Moreover, the development of Padure Manor will create new jobs in the Kuldīga region and support the local community,” J.Lazdāns points out.

J.Blaževics believes that such a project on the CrowdedHero platform is the first of its kind but certainly not the last: “In our work, we strive to offer potential investors a diversified range of opportunities - innovative financial solutions, diaper subscription services, and new technology development, among others. Now, a project with significant cultural-historical context and the formation of a new community around it. I am convinced that this demonstrates the attractiveness of our platform to the widest range of audiences.”

Padure Manor, located in the Kuldīga region of Padure, is one of the most beautiful examples of Latvian classicism style manors, where nearly all architectural and interior elements have been preserved. Events at this venue are distinguished by their unique ambiance and charm. Since 2015, restoration works and various cultural and entertainment events have been held at Padure Manor. In 2023, the series “Pension at the Mansion” was filmed there."

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