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Can CrowdedHero give me advice on what to invest in?

Can CrowdedHero give me advice on what to invest in?

We do not provide investment advice or personal recommendations of any form with respect to one or several investment opportunities available on CrowdedHero; neither do we make investment decisions on your behalf.

Investing in the offers published on CrowdedHero entails risks and can cause significant deviations from an expected return. We advise you to carefully analyse and evaluate all associated risks, consider their impact and consequences, and seek independent and professional advice:

  • if you do not fully understand the risks of, or services related to, investing through CrowdedHero;
  • if you feel you have a lack of knowledge, skills or experience, or doubt about the investment you are willing to make;
  • to ascertain that any investments made and held through CrowdedHero remain suitable for you.

Please note that we do not provide legal or tax services. We recommend that you seek independent and professional legal or tax advice both before and after investing to comply with the applicable laws.

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