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What is the application process for the required funding?

What is the application process for the required funding?

In general, investment attraction for the company takes place in four stages:

  • The first step towards attracting investment is filling out an application. This can be done by clicking on the Apply button at the top of the section of this website and specifying the necessary information about the company and investment campaign goals, as well as your contact information;
  • Once we have received and examined the application, we invite the company's management to an interview. During it, using our experience, we will evaluate the most important financial criteria, such as the possibility for investors to receive dividends and the probability that a complete sale of the company's shares will take place;
  • After the interview, an in-depth legal and financial analysis will be carried out, attracting experts of the specific industry who will be able to objectively assess the prospects of the business idea;
  • At the final stage, CrowdedHero's investment committee will vote for the admission of your company to the platform.

The duration of the evaluation of the application is five days, while the duration of the financial and legal analysis depends on the quality and volume of the information you submit. In general, the process will not take more than 20 days.

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