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Is dividend income taxable?

Is dividend income taxable?

According to the legal enactments of the Republic of Latvia, a capital company registered in Latvia pays corporate income tax (CIT) on distributed dividends at the rate of 20%. When determining the base subject to corporate income tax, the value of the taxable object is divided by a coefficient of 0.8. Residents of Latvia - natural persons, when receiving dividends, shall not pay personal income tax, because the CIT paid by the capital company also includes this tax.

Non-residents - natural persons may be obliged to pay personal income tax on dividends paid by a capital company registered in Latvia at the rate and in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the legal enactments of the country of residence.
For non-resident legal entities, even if the country of registration has a lower CIT tax rate, a tax rate of 20% will be applied when paying dividends from a capital company registered in Latvia.

Please note that the above information is of a general nature provided for informative purposes and is not intended to constitute a recommendation or advice. We do not provide advice or recommendations on the aspects of paying dividends through the Platforms, other than advising on the technical use of the Platform. This means, that we cannot provide any legal, tax, or other advice in relation to your membership or investments and the dividends you receive through the Platform. Neither the Platform nor any correspondence we provide to you are meant to be advice or recommendations. If you need  advice, you should consult appropriate professional financial, legal, taxation, or other advisors.

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